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Standard Lager generates nearly 50% of the average pub’s volume. Consumer demand is all about choice and this underlines the importance of having two standard lagers on every bar.  

This category of draught lager has developed and continued to grow over the last four years, as consumers look for a change from the ordinary. They are looking for continental and premium products with a more sessionable ABV, allowing for that special treat during more mid to low tempo or “early in the week” drinking occasions. This category is dominated by genuinely imported European lagers at a 4% ABV, such as Beck’s Vier, Amstel and Kaltenberg Hall

Premium draft lagers remain one of the most important product categories on the bar. With the success of chilled drinks and consumers seeking a more premium experience, there is no doubt that the demand for Premium Draught Lagers is strong.


The takeover by InBev of Anheuser-Busch, and Heineken of Scottish & Newcastle has only strengthened the power of big international brands in this category.

Bottled beers offer the pubs the opportunity to expand their beer range into new areas. These products are easier to store, offer flexibility in terms of ordering and have a longer shelf life than draught beers.


* The top 100 PPL brands have remained constant over the last few years but it is worth noting the improvement in performance of Peroni and Corona, the Mexican party beer.


*Publican Brands Report 2009

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Reports of the demise of Lager and its struggling fortunes may well have been exaggerated to the detriment of this crucial sector. Carling, Carlsberg and foster’s are still the products that drinkers order above all the others.


Extra Cold Lager cannot be delivered at home, lending it unique appeal which pubs can benefit from to offer a refreshing taste experience. Cold pints deliver a crisp, smoother, more refreshing taste and add considerably to the enjoyment of drinking a pint. When questioned 95% of mainstream lager drinkers stated that it was important that a brand is served cold and it is what customers now expect. Independent research also points to pubs offering two or more lager brands as an effective way to increase total beer sales and their overall rate of sale. Pubs that stock Extra Cold can sell more lager and therefore increase profits as customers pay a premium price for it.